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Mens Boots from a variety of brands such as ECCORieker and Skechers and more. Order online with FREE UK Delivery available, FREE Click and Collect and International Delivery. Discover a bargain in our mens boots sale, browse the selection to see what is available in your size.

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Mens Boots

Our selection of men’s boots covers a range of styles from casual desert boots to waterproof walking boots and everything in-between.  We stock big brand names including ECCO, Clarks, Skechers, CAT and Barbour that offer their own classic designs with patented technology for comfort.

Walking boots are needed all year round when out hiking to provide support and protection from the weather.  Even in summer a sudden shower can appear as if from nowhere and if you haven’t got the right footwear then you will have an uncomfortable time.  We stock a range of brands which use their own patented water-resistant membranes and those that use waterproof GORE-TEX so you can find the right fit for you.

Chelsea boots and desert boots are perfect for wearing with casual outfits or on less formal occasions.  These boots are easy to get on, look stylish and can be worn all year round.  Each style of boot can be worn to different effect: Chelsea boots with jeans and a shirt for watching a rugby match and desert boots with a linen suit for social events in summer.

Fashion boots such as those from Rieker and Bugatti can be worn more formally while ensuring your comfort.  Both brands use high quality materials and have developed their own unique technologies to provide comfort while walking and wearing.



Rieker (pronounced ‘reeker’ not ‘riker’) is a German brand that is now based in Switzerland and manufactures their shoes all over the world.  Rieker is known for its patented Anti-Stress technology that reduces fatigue on the foot by having lighter, more flexible, roomier shoes.  For a classic formal boot try Rieker 37460-00 Roboot which also benefits from a Rieker-Tex water resistant lining.  Buy your Rieker mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official Rieker stockist.


Everyone who tries on a pair of Skechers instantly finds comfort in their memory foam cushioned footbeds.  We have endless requests from customers for more styles and we have answered these pleas with a range of Skechers boots for autumn and winter.  Enjoy blissful comfort with Skechers Relment Traven 65529-471 a rugged waterproof hiking boot.  Buy your Skechers mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official Skechers stockist.


Just saying the name Bugatti instantly conjures images of stylish Italians driving fast cars and you can capture this feeling with Bugatti boots.  Using high quality leathers and manmade materials Bugatti craft fashionable and comfortable boots that can be worn casually or more formally.  Try Bugatti Stardust 32161730-1269 a leather desert boot with herringbone tweed embellishment.  Buy your Bugatti mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official Bugatti stockist.


Barbour is a British institution that started out in country sports but has branched out into the realms of mainstream fashion.  Their boots are made in Portugal using high quality leather and close attention to detail.  If you’re looking for a traditional Chelsea boot then try Barbour Farsley Mfo0244-br95.  Buy your Barbour mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official Barbour stockist.


Caterpillar has been at the forefront of developing machine technology since the 1920s and used this to inform their development of work boots.  With their distinctive style CAT boots, as they are known, soon become a popular choice to wear outside of work.  Since then CAT boots have developed into a major fashion brand but still maintaining their roots in providing safe and comfortable footwear.  CAT Deplete Wp P721722 is a rugged ankle boot that benefits from a high traction sole and waterproof lining to cope with any challenge you take on.  Buy your CAT mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official CAT stockist.


ECCO are a Danish company that have spent over fifty years developing their patented injection moulding system that allows them to make incredibly lightweight shoes and boots.  Their attention to every aspect of the design and manufacturing process make their shoes second to none.  ECCO boots are designed to be comfortable from the second you put them on with no ‘breaking in’ required.  Try ECCO Biom Venture TR 854604-51742 with GORE-TEX SURROUND which provides 360 degrees of protection from water for the ultimate walking boot.  Buy your men’s ECCO boots from Begg Shoes, an official ECCO stockist.


IMAC are an Italian brand that Begg Shoes buy from directly so you won’t see the styles we have anywhere else.  Because we buy directly we make a saving that we pass on to you the customer, so you get high-quality Italian made shoes at an incredibly affordable price.  IMAC boots cover every style form formal leather boots, to off-duty desert boots, to rugged walking boots.  Try IMAC 0178-2290011 Urban Robin Tex, a smart leather boot with the added benefit of an IMAC-Tex water resistant lining.  Buy your IMAC mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official IMAC stockist.


Clarks is a British brand that have been making shoes for over 150 years.  They produce traditional designs with a modern twist that are comfortable thanks to their patented technology.  Try Clarks Batcombe Lo 2747-37g, a leather desert boot with a rugged sole profile that could be worn on any occasion.  Buy your Clarks mens boots from Begg Shoes, an official Clarks stockist.

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Mens boots sale

We have a sale twice a year and a selection of boots go into our mens boots sale, have a browse to find what’s available in your size.  The great news is that once an item is reduced in the sale it stays in the sale, be quick to grab yourself a bargain!

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