Hotter Shoes

Hotter shoes are one of the UK's leading footwear brands and have become well known for the commitment to comfort. Their factory in Lancashire is one of the biggest footwear factories in Britain and all their designs come from there. 
Established in 1959 by Thomas and Harriet Houlgrave, Hotter started out as Beaconsfield footwear, a manufacturer of slippers. Cut to 1992 and the Hotter 'comfort concept' is born along with the Hotter we know and love today. Now owned by Stewart Houlgrave, the son of Harriet and Thomas, Hotter is going from strength to strength with outlets world-wide.
With nearly 60 years of knowledge of the footwear industry, Hotter combine a passion for comfort and style. Their 'comfort concept' technology combines supportive and flexible soles with millions of tiny air bubbles in to cushion your feet. They use naturally breathable leathers and linings and ensure that there are no rough seams to rub or cause discomfort. Hotter also use a soft padding to cradle your feet while the extra added depth in Hotter shoes, along with the extra wide fittings and half sizes, ensure that there really is something for everyone.

Hotter Shoes Technology

Hotter ensure their shoes are comfortable and utterly wearable by using a multitude of different techniques and technologies.

Their pyramid technology uses air cushioning hidden under the ball of the feet to absorb impact as you walk, a pyramid shape of foam contracts and traps air as you walk, creating a cushioned effect. Pair this with their pillow soft under-heel cushioning, with padded insoles, collars and tongues, Hotter shoes are a dream for your feet.
Differing width fittings are also available with slim, wide, EEE and half sizes as well. Hotter consider the perfectly fitting shoe to be a necessity rather than a luxury and their range of fittings help to accommodate every foot.
Their stretch zips do as their name indicates, allowing for swelling or differing fits to ensure perfect comfort.
Hotter also use dual insoles in some of their shoes to allow for increased width fittings and ensuring that there is a pair for everyone.

They use specially designed, light sole units to make you feel like you're walking on a cloud... bliss!
And last but not least, Hotter use a 'flexi grooved' sole which moves with your feet to allow you to move naturally and freely.

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