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Irregular Choice Shoes

Established in London in 1999 by Dan Sullivan, Irregular Choice is the name on everyone's lip for quirky, stand out style.

Born in 70's punk era London, Dan Sullivan comes from a shoe heritage with both his parents creating their own footwear collections. Having travelled extensively throughout his childhood, Dan Sullivan left home aged 15 and opened his first shoe shop at 18, which quickly grew to him owning 6 shops by the time he was 23 when he closed them to go traveling and draw inspiration from his journeys.

His travels took him throughout the world with him visiting the far east in his late 20's, where he visited factories and was able to draw from the opportunities offered by such a place.

"The culture, architecture and foods were big influences for my first collection in 1999, and that's where I got the inspiration for the split toe shoe, which is still incorporated into my designs today." Dan Sullivan.

The ability to create small quantities of detailed and creative styles in China helped Dan Sullivan to combine his resources and inspirations from his life and travels and create Irregular choice as we know and love it.

For the over 15 years, Dan Sullivan has stuck to doing what he does best, creating quirky and wonderful designs that surpass the bounds of fashion and convention. The attention to detail and fantastically innovative designs make Irregular Choice a total wardrobe must have. With over 600 styles designed every year and a back catalogue spanning over 10,000 different shoes, Irregular Choice have something for everyone.

Loved by celebrities and non-celebrities alike, Irregular Choice has a cult following of devoted shoe fans. Celebrities from Whoopi Goldberg to Kat von D and Paloma Faith to Nicki Minaj, all have Irregular Choice in the shoe collections. Irregular Choice regularly feature in magazines like Vogue, Bazaar and Cosmo, also featuring in industry magazines Attire, Drapers and Shoeholics.

Their collections range from Bridal to the more every day with some collaborations with companies such as Disney for their Mickey Mouse and Alice in Wonderland collections.

Irregular Choice Heeled Shoes

Irregular Choice shoes are a thing of beauty and joy. The attention to detail and quirky designs make them fantastically stand out to wear, perfect for events or every day with added pizzazz. Their heeled shoes often have a more detailed heel, their I love you 4236-01a  feature a bride and groom as the heels with 'I love you' embroidered and appliqued across the toes. The perfect shoe under a ballet length wedding dress, these would add a sense of fun to any outfit. Buy your Irregular Choice heeled shoes from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Irregular Choice outlet.

Irregular Choice Boots

Stunning statement pieces, Irregular Choice boots are a wardrobe must have for anyone who wears their heart on their feet! The often more classic heel shapes are paired with sumptuous uppers and dramatic detailing to create a work of art for your feet. The Autumn Harvest 3081-49a is a gorgeous example of Irregular Choice boots with the elegant heel and the delicately embroidered velvet upper evoking vintage styling. Buy your Irregular Choice ladies boots from Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Irregular Choice outlet.

Irregular Choice Bags

Irregular Choice also create handbags to complement their Shoes, using the same attention to detail and gorgeous materials. The Casa Blanca Handbag Casa-01c is a cute and playful example of Irregular Choice's bags. Buy your Irregular Choice bagsfrom Begg Shoes and Bags, an official Irregular Choice outlet.

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